Risk Management

Man with falling dominosIn every matter that GLPC is retained to represent a client, risk management plays a critical role. It is our goal not only to resolve the matter currently before us on the best possible terms to the client, but also to look forward while we are doing so to help protect our clients from future risks. At GLPC we do not simply look to manage risk, we actively seek to reduce it and, where possible, eliminate it.

This goal is often achieved through an ongoing relationship among our office, our client, and the client’s broker and insurance carrier. To be as effective as possible, we find that education is the key. The attorneys at GLPC provide this education in the form of ongoing presentation of seminars, webinars, lunch-and-learn meetings, and a GLPC e-newsletter. Also critical to effective risk management is our assistance in the review, negotiation, and preparation of our client’s contracts. We routinely identify and address issues that are both unique to a particular client’s industry, as well as those that we have encountered during our decades of practice.