Environmental Claims

Photo of Industrial PipesThe attorneys at GLPC have worked on numerous matters involving environmental claims including: (i) soil and groundwater contamination; (ii) mold; (iii) fumes; (iv) wastewater treatment; and (v) exposure to asbestos. Each of these claims require specific knowledge as to how such damages occur, evaluating who was responsible for causing the damages, and precisely calculating the amount of the claimed damages. With this skill set, GLPC has then been able to assess defenses available to their clients or, in some instances, the specific damages caused by their client’s services in order to effectuate a prompt and equitable resolution on the best terms to the client.

In many instances, to achieve the best possible outcome, it is necessary to identify and retain the appropriate expert well versed in the specific field. With the appropriate expert, GLPC has turned the tides in many of these matters by identifying liability on behalf of other parties while reducing and, in some instances, eliminating liability exposure on behalf of GLPC’s clients.